open spaces | dorset arts week by Isla Chaney

open spaces

Isla has recently taken part in dorset arts week by opening her studio at st michaels in bridport to the public.

"dorset arts week provides not only an opportunity for people to engage with my work and my working process within the  studio context, but also gives me the chance to interact with them and listen to their thoughts and comments."  

"also being surrounded by the body of work over an extended period enables me to evaluate it as a whole."

b-side site responsive installation by Isla Chaney


what's between

Isla has also recently won a bursary from b-side multi media to help her make a shift in her practice. 

Away from a solely gallery and commission based work into one that is also concerned with pulic art and art installations.

This shift involves broadening her artistic and craft skills away from purely ceramic to include other materials such as metal, concrete and wood.

Isla shall be creating site specific and site responsive sculptures which will be form part in the b-side multi media art festival 2014 which is happening on Portland  from sept 5 - 14 .